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Pietro Pazzi Photography Studio & Fine Art Gallery

The journey, not the arrival matters,

but I’ll enjoy them both.

Our Services

We are a Gallery and a Photography Studio

We have a lovely gallery filled with high-quality limited edition fine art photography not only of Southern Africa but from around the world.

All works currently on exhibit in our gallery and available in the online store are the works by Pietro Pazzi

We also offer a range of photography services from our fully equipped studio.

Both gallery and studio are situated in the Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Fine Art Photography Gallery

We have amassed over 150,000 images over the past two decades and have some exceptional large-format images in our Gallery.

For interior decor, we offer bespoke and image reprocessing services to give you images that create the right atmosphere.

Fine Art Photography Portfolio

In our physical store, we have a large selection of small and medium signed printed images for purchase.

We only offer exclusive or limited edition works. This means you have a unique piece of art signed by the photographer.

Come take look and find your magical image.

Photography Services

We stand ready to take our team and gear into the studio or on on location to create the right images for your projects.

Supporting Services

– Videography

– Graphic Design

– Motion Design

– AI Rendering

– Decor Wall Mock-ups

Fine Art Photography Gallery in Woodstock

A204 Old Biscuit Mill

375 Albert Rd


Cape Town

See our latest and featured portfolio galleries further down.

Recently Updated Galleries

Clouds of Table Mountain

A study of the magnificent clouds of Table Mountain over a 6 month period

Table Mountain Sunsets

Table Mountain long exposure at sunset shot from Blouberg.

Full Moon Rising over Cape Town

Cape Town at Night

Long, Long Exposure

Long Exposure Photography SA Coast

AI Assisted Art

Experimenting with AI

Cinematic Street

Cinematic Street Photography around Cape Town

Sensual Abstract

Glam & Fashion

Fashion, glam and lifestyle gallery


Groups and individuals

African Masks

A sampling

Blog & News

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