Pietro The Explorer

The journey, not the arrival matters,

but I’ll enjoy them both.

About Pietro Pazzi Photography

How I approach my work

With so many years of experience, I carefully consider your needs and do the extraordinary to create your exceptional image.  

Our Services

We are a working STUDIO/GALLERY.

This means we offer full studio services from our fully equipped studio in Cape Town.

At the same location, we have a gallery filled with amazing photography works, of all sizes, on display for sale.

Photography Gallery

We have amazed over 150,000 images over the past two decades and have some exceptional images in our Gallery.

We continuously rework old images to give them a modern look and feel to meet customers changing tastes.

For the interior design folks, we offer bespoke and image reprocessing services.

Fully Equipped Studio

From our fully equipped studio, no commercial, portraiture or glamour assignment is impossible.

On Location Shoots

We stand ready to take our team and gear on location to create real work images for your projects.

fine art nude by pietro pazzi

In The Shadow

pietro pazzi image

The Jungle

Client Reviews

What client say about us.

Pietro has a talent that surpasses all. Nothing is too challenging for him. Many photographers struggled to photograph a sliver dome without any reflections. He got it done beautifully in no time.

Rebecca Commercial Product Client

Awesome portfolio. Spent 3 hours in the studio with make-up artists, hair stylists and mega wardrobe. Now I have an awesome portfolio

Kimmy Actor & Model Client

Simply love Pietro's work. And the way he can take one image a rework it, with many different looks and feels, until it works for his clients is simply mind-boggling..

Roxy Travel Publisher Client

    Featured Galleries

    The results of our latest work

    The images contained in the featured galleries have been carefully selected, painstakingly processed to provide printed works of the highest quality.

    snow-pietro pazzi

    Black & White

    island starry nights pietro pazzi


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