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3 Best Frame Colours for Fine Art Photo Prints

Best Frame Colors for Fine Art Photo Prints


Choosing the right frame colour for your fine art photo print is an important decision that can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your artwork. With so many frame colour options available, it can be challenging to determine which one will best complement your image.

Our blog aims to provide you with some thoughts on the 3 best frame colours for fine art photo prints. We believe that the right frame colour can enhance the visual appeal of your artwork, draw attention to its unique features, and create a harmonious atmosphere in your space.

Black, white, and natural frames are timeless, versatile, and elegant options that enhance the beauty of fine art photo prints. These classic frame colours complement various styles and art mediums, allowing the artwork to take centre stage while creating a cohesive and polished look in any space.

When should you choose one of these colours or their nuances?

1. Best Frame Colours for Fine Art Photo Prints: Black

A black picture frame can be an effective way to create a more mystic or dramatic atmosphere around an image. Here are some advantages of using a black picture frame:

1. Emphasizes contrast: Black frames can create a strong contrast between the image and the surrounding environment, drawing the viewer’s eye to the image and emphasizing its details and textures.

2. Creates a sense of depth: A black frame can add depth and dimension to an image, especially if it has a matte finish that absorbs light and enhances shadows.

3. Adds drama: Black frames can add a sense of drama and intensity to an image, making it appear more impactful and memorable. This effect can be especially effective for pictures with a dark or mysterious theme.

4. Works well with a range of styles: Black frames are versatile and can work well with a range of different styles, from minimalist to ornate. They can also complement a wide variety of colours, making them a reliable choice for many different images.

Overall, a black picture frame can be a powerful tool for creating a more mystic or dramatic atmosphere around an image, enhancing its emotional impact and visual appeal.

2. Best Frame Colours for Fine Art Photo Prints: White

A white picture frame can create an infinity effect by blending in with the white background, which gives the illusion that the image extends beyond the physical frame. This effect is often used in galleries and exhibitions to create a seamless transition between the artwork and the wall, making it appear like the image is floating in space.

White frames are also valuable for creating a minimalist aesthetic, as they draw less attention to themselves and allow the focus to remain on the artwork. Additionally, white frames work well with various styles and colours, making them a versatile option for creating an infinity effect in any space.

3. Best Frame Colours for Fine Art Photo Prints: Natural

A natural picture frame, made from materials such as wood or bamboo, can complement the earthy colours of an image in several ways.

Firstly, the organic texture and grain of natural frames can enhance the natural tones and textures present in the image, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.

Secondly, using natural materials can evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and groundedness, which can enhance the image’s emotional impact.

Thirdly, natural frames can add a sense of depth and dimension to the image, as they can create a visual contrast between the smooth, flat surface of the image and the textured, three-dimensional frame.

Finally, natural frames can create a sense of connection to the environment and the natural world, which can be particularly effective for images that feature natural landscapes or elements. Overall, a natural picture frame can be a great way to complement the earthy colours of an image and enhance its visual impact.

Facit: Black, white, and natural frames are classic and timeless options that highlight the beauty of fine art photo prints. However, depending on the artwork and the space, other frame colours, such as gold, silver, or bold hues like red or blue, can add a unique touch and create a statement piece. Ultimately, the frame colour should complement and enhance the artwork while also fitting the style and mood of the space.

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