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Art Photography Gallery – Deadvlei Prints

Art Photography Gallery - Deadvlei Prints - The Witch


Deadvlei, what a spectacular place. Ancient dead trees in a hidden valley in the world’s oldest desert, the Namib. Each of these 800-year-old trees has its character and is full of expression. A photographer’s dream! We present them in our Deadvlei photo gallery. 

The Pietro Pazzi Art Photography Gallery offers a phenomenal portfolio of 50+ categories, and Deadvlei is one of them. We have unique, high-quality, limited edition prints for your home, office, and leisure space which we can customize to fit your needs (in size, color, and substrate).

Are you looking for images that add an extravagant touch to your minimalist (silver /grey /black /white/ wood/ concrete) interior decor? Then our abstract takes on the fascinating trees in the famous Deadvlei are for you!

1 Deadvlei Prints – The Witch

See the Titel Image.

Pietro took this photo in the early light just after sunrise. The tree’s shape is impressive, with the finely formed, bizarre branches. And with a motion effect added, you can see a witch dancing, right?

This image brings some action and a pop of color to the base tones in your living, working, or leisure space.

2 Deadvlei Prints – The Spider

Abstract Deadvlei - The Spider
Art Photography Gallery – The Spider

What a great picture. It looks like a monstrous spider stretching its feelers towards the light. The blurred version accelerates the number of its legs and brings the spider to life.

This picture adds a bit of drama to your home, working, or leisure space. 

3 & 4 Deadvlei Prints – The Ballerina & The Wizard

3 The Ballerina:

The soil of Deadvlei is clay. It is dry and torn and also known as elephant skin. But sometimes, it resembles a dried-up snow-white salt lake. This is why this beautiful ballerina on the left could also be an ice skater.

However, that’s a perfect image for the home or office of a visionary dream dancer. Are you?

4 The Wizard:

Who is that in a remote corner of Deadvlei, gesturing wildly with his arms and showing a face with fiery eyes? It looks like a wizard at work.

This is a picture that expresses power, strength, and a little bit of craziness. It fits (you and) your home, right?

5 Deadvlei Prints – The Eagle

Abstract Deadvlei - The Eagle
Art Photography Gallery – The Eagle (Leaving Its Nest)

Located in the center of the Deadvlei Valley, this tree resembles a majestic eagle just leaving its nest. It spreads its wings as it takes off.

This is an impressive picture to decorate an expansive room or large wall.

If You Are Interested in More of Our Fine Art Photography Gallery…

Our Art Gallery offers an extraordinary photo portfolio. On the Pietro Pazzi Photography website, you can find all 50+ categories/ featured galleries and an extensive selection of photos per category.

Decorate Your Home, Your Office, Your Leisure Space!

For your interior decor, you can buy high-quality prints of all photos in our online store or our Gallery & Shop at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Our promise to you is that all our images are:

  • Originals that carry either the seal or signature of the photographer.
  • Printed on the highest-quality substrates (i.e., archival paper, plexiglass, metal, wood, canvas).
  • Using non-fade inks.
  • Either limited or exclusive editions.

Do you need a different size or a specific color scheme for your printout? No problem. We customize your unique print to fit your needs!

And with various framing options, we can make your image stand out even more.

Our Photography Studio

We also offer a range of Photography Services from out of our fully equipped photo studio in The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

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