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Art Photography Gallery – Wildlife Prints

Art Photography Gallery - Wildlife Prints


Hardly anything is as fascinating and touching as photos of wild animals. How they behave, live, survive, have fun or sometimes have bad luck. Witnessing them in nature as a photographer is a privilege, even more, when it results in incredible shots. Out of many extraordinary encounters, we composed a wildlife photography gallery.

The Pietro Pazzi Art Photography Gallery offers a phenomenal portfolio of 50+ categories, and Wildlife is one of them. We have unique, high-quality, limited edition prints for your home, office, and leisure space which we can customize to fit your needs (in size, color, and substrate).

Are you looking for images of unique encounters with wild animals for your interior decor? Then our wildlife photography gallery is for you. Here are some of our outstanding pics:

1 Wildlife Prints – A Playing Leopard

See the Titel Image.

We had this awe-inspiring encounter in northern Kruger Park.

Driving along a lonely gravel road, we stopped for a break under large trees – and spotted a leopard at the bottom of a fantastic copper-colored cliff. He played with leaves flying through the air, trying to find a comfortable position to chill – and always kept an eye on us.

What a warm and touching image for your cozy lounge or living room in classic colors (like wood, grey, dark metal).

2 Wildlife Prints – Elephants at a Water Reservoir

Art Photography Gallery – Elephants (and a Goose) at a Water Reservoir

On another drive through northern Kruger Park, we saw a herd of 40-50 elephants (with many youngsters) in a dry river bed. A bit later, they crossed the road directly in front of us. That was already a spectacle.

But then, just a few hundred meters down the road, when we stopped at a water reservoir for a snack, the same herd of elephants came by to drink water.

It was fascinating to watch the adult elephants drinking directly from the concrete water reservoir and caring for the little ones by flushing the water onto the ground. At the same time, an Egyptian goose joined the crowd.

This picture suits all colorful furnished living and leisure spaces and a minimalist modern office.

3 Wildlife Prints – A Lion in a Flock of Birds

Art Photography Gallery – A Lioness Rousing a Flock of Birds

Change of scene: The Kgalagadi Desert, which is known for its abundance of lions. And we were lucky to meet several of them. 

But then there was this particular moment that we were fortunate to capture in a photo: A lion(ess) was leisurely roaming through the brush grass, accidentally chasing away a group of birds – and got framed by them.

With this picture in your home or office space, you will attract attention. It goes well with any interior style in sober, classic colors (like wood, grey, black, white, or metal).

4 Wildlife Prints – A Disabled Gemsbok

Art Photography Gallery – A Disabled Gemsbok

And here is another intense scene we experienced in the Kgalagadi Desert.

With only the horizon in the background, a gemsbok stood on a hill looking at us. We looked back in disbelief because the antelope had lost one of its impressive horns – what an unusual encounter.

And what an eye-catcher this picture is. Imagine this print on a large wall in your living room or modern office!

5 Wildlife Prints – A Jackal Hiding in the Fynbos

Art Photography Gallery – A Jackal Hiding in the Fynbos

Do you know that too, you have to look twice to see something?

In Klein Karoo, we came across this perfect symbiosis between nature and animals. A jackal hides in the dense fynbos. The autumn colors of the bushes merged with the brown-black fur of the animal.

And – can you spot the jackal? What a sight!

An animal in harmony with nature has a relaxing effect and makes up a perfect image for your living or leisure area. It works best on its own on a large wall.

If You Are Interested in More of Our Fine Art Photography Gallery…

Our Art Gallery offers an extraordinary photo portfolio. On the Pietro Pazzi Photography website, you can find all 50+ categories/ featured galleries and an extensive selection of photos per category.

Decorate Your Home, Your Office, Your Leisure Space!

For your interior decor, you can buy high-quality prints of all photos in our online store or our Gallery & Shop at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Our promise to you is that all our images are:

  • Originals that carry either the seal or signature of the photographer.
  • Printed on the highest-quality substrates (i.e., archival paper, plexiglass, metal, wood, canvas).
  • Using non-fade inks.
  • Either limited or exclusive editions.

Do you need a different size or a specific color scheme for your printout? No problem. We customize your unique print to fit your needs!

And with various framing options, we can make your image stand out even more.

Our Photography Studio

We also offer a range of Photography Services from out of our fully equipped photo studio in The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

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