Commercial & Product Photography

On Location

When it comes to commercial product photography we stand ready with the appropriate skills and equipment to capture the images you require on location, whether outdoors or indoors. We stand ready to assist with scouting and assessing locations on request.

In Studio

If it can fit in our studio we can create images of any product, no matter how blingy. 

Need images to be used in advertisements, we can do it. We can assist with arranging models, make-up & hair artists, and props if required.

Editing Process

While we take images at high resolution, our colour reproduction is spot on as both cameras and computers are colour calibrated.

However, we have loads of post-production experience allowing us to create looks that best fit your brief.

Need photography services to develop your product?

Questions You May Have

What clients ask about us.

Simply book us a not using our contact form on our contact page, send us an email, or give us a call.

We need to better understand what you need to provide you with a quotation and set our creative juices flowing to give you exceptional images.

Anything that can fit into the studio, otherwise we can arrange alternate spaces for shoot of bigger items. We do not shy away from "blingy" items as we know how to manage lighting to reduce refelction.

We have over 100,000 images that we have accumulated over the past two decades. Most recently we built a large stock of landscape images on South Pacific Islands, Africa, and Europe. Take a look at our portfolio to an idea of what we have.

Having written that, we very happy to take on assignments and bespoke work to get you the perfect images for your project.

We have a deep knowledge of photo-editing and are able to re-process our existing images to create just the look and feel you want.

We shoot with high resolution cameras and can essentially print to any size. Usually the biggest constraint is the size the printers can print.

Our Services

Our Process