Lifestyle and Glamour Photography

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle and glamour photography take place on location or in-studio. We know lighting and create the exact glamour look you desire.

We assist with wardrobe and accessories selection, make-up & hair artists, and props.

Glamour Images

We have loads of experience photographing models and delivering images that hit the brief.

lifestyle and glamour photograph
lifestyle and glamour photograph

Image Portfolio

Let’s create your beauty portfolio together. Ready?

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Portfolio Photo Book

An example of a modeling portfolio photo book. The design, number of images and pages, look and feel, etc. is naturally altered to fit your needs.

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Beauty Decor

We use high-resolution equipment so that you can display your images in any way you wish.

lifestyle and glamour photography

Need expert photography services to develop your portfolio?

Questions You May Have

What clients ask about us.

Simply book us a not using our contact form on our contact page, send us an email, or give us a call.

We need to better understand what you need to provide you with a quotation and set our creative juices flowing to give you exceptional images.

Shoots vary. Requirements vary. Not only for the shoot type but also the image processing that may be required. So our first aim is to better understand your needs.

However, we have set prices for commonly requested shoots. Check out our pricing page.

As many as you want. Depending on your needs will depend on the studio time required. Typically, the more time in the studio, or on location, the higher the potential for more finished images.

Typically the wardrobe is in your hands. However we will advise on what works best together to get the look and feel your require.

Unless you know photography make-up, leave it to us. We bring in experts to to the job. 

Usually we like to take care of your hair too. However, you may know your hair and the styles that work for you best.

Anything that can fit into the studio, otherwise we can arrange alternate spaces for shoot of bigger items. We do not shy away from "blingy" items as we know how to manage lighting to reduce refelction.

We shoot with high resolution cameras and can essentially print to any size. Usually the biggest constraint is the size the printers can print.

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