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March 2023 Portfolio Update

March 2023 Portfolio Update

March 2023 Portfolio Update

March 2023 Portfolio Update



Early March saw several portfolio galleries updated.

Visit our portfolio page for an overview: https://pietropazzi.com/photography-portfolio/

Clouds of Table Mountain

A six-month study of the magnificent clouds of Table Mountain.

Click here to view the collection: https://pietropazzi.com/photography-portfolio/clouds-of-table-mountain/

Cape Town Sunset

The Mountains & Waves gallery has been updated with a long-exposure collection from Blouberg of Cape Town at Sunset.

Click to view this collection: https://pietropazzi.com/photography-portfolio/mountains-and-waves/

Full Moon Rising Over Cape Town

The Cityscape gallery has been updated with a nightscape collection of Cape Town during a full moon rising.

To view the collection click here: https://pietropazzi.com/photography-portfolio/cityscapes/

Long Exposure

A new series in the making includes very long exposure photography. View the collection: https://pietropazzi.com/photography-portfolio/long-exposure-photography/

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