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Reasons why Edited and Signed Fine Art Are More Valuable

signed fine art


Editioned and Signed Fine Art

Photographers sign and limit fine art copies printed to ensure their work retains and appreciates in value. According to the artist code, once an edition is sold out, it will never be printed again. So, when you come across limited series art and like it, do not hesitate to acquire it.

Exclusive and limited print editions are more valuable because they are not mass-produced. It also means you get art that is not widely distributed or available but only to a select few.

We offer the following edition categories in our gallery:


      • Exclusive (one only + an artist copy not for sale)

      • Limited to 5

      • Limited to 10

      • Limited to 15

      • Limited to 20

      • Limited to 25

      • Limited to 30

      • Limited to 50


    Signed fine art, numbered and named.

    Signed fine art creates an intimacy with the artist. It adds an element of authenticity. It makes the work identifiable. It says that the artist has approved the quality of the art piece, ensuring it maintains its standard.

    Our images are all signed, named and numbered and receive a certificate of authenticity. We use a 6B pencil to add the edition number on the bottom right border, print the name middle bottom, and the artist’s signature bottom right. The certificate of authenticity is signed by the artist and bares their seal.

    Why original signed fine art photographic prints?

    Not only is fine art photography on the rise today, but experts reveal that it is an art form that holds its value. Fine art photography is not factory art; it is entirely original, and often only limited prints are available. Fine art photography is timeless and brings a sense of luxury to your space.

    Fine art photographic prints are increasingly popular, making them one of the fastest-growing art forms. Apart from the beauty of the art, it is rarely going to be a bad investment which should yield a good return.

    Pietro Pazzi Gallery has a wide range of fine art prints to select from. We have over 100,000 raw photos, 10,000 chosen for printing, a couple of thousand for viewing on the portfolio page and about 300 in our online store.

    If you cannot find the image in our store, browse our portfolio and tell us what you need. We can customise images to suit your exact colour and look requirements.

    If still not what you want, commission us to create the fine art piece perfect for your space.

    Also, check out our wall mock-up visualisation service.

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